Want to know office 365 education plans for students?

The office 365 plan is available at free of cost for students who are studying in the University, school or college. This plan allows the students to install Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access, word and PowerPoint on up to 5 Macs or PCs and on other mobile devices office apps including the windows tablet, iPad and Android. The office 365 education plans includes the 1TB of one drive storage that can be managed by school and students can collaborate and edit the contents by using Yammer, SharePoint and office online sites. The eligibility requirements for the office 365 education plans for students are.

  • This benefit is provided only by the schools which have been qualified, and when the school becomes a licensed office institution then their faculty and staff can attend the Microsoft’s volume licensing program just by enrolling their names and making sign up directly with the Microsoft.
  • Students pursuing the course in full or part time at the qualified university schools are eligible one to use this office software where by using their school email address they can log into the office 365 education site. The students with 13 years old are legal to sign up to the site.

If you are student from the eligible university then you can use the 365 education plans until your graduation completes from this school after completing the course and passing out your validity period for accessing the office software plan becomes invalid. In which this plan cannot be shared and it is only eligible for students at a qualifying school.

Reason why the office 365 education is so popular with schools

Now a day’s more schools are finding that the Microsoft office 365 software is a great and best option for education because it streamlines the productivity, communication, everyday tasks and communication on modern level. The office 365 education software offers you the abundance feature that includes the traditional office applications in combination with new tools and apps where this helps you to tie everyone together. This education version of the office 365 software is especially designed for the colleges, universities and schools and these office 365 education plans provides a wide number of features and services.

This Office 365 education software offers a comprehensive tools that are widely used for accurate scheduling, audio and video conferencing, document editing in real time, classroom collaboration, announcements, environment, assignments and many more things. This gives you the better management and more flexibility across your universities without the exorbitant price tags. All the schools and universities are eligible to use this platform which offers the Excel, publisher, Word and PowerPoint in addition to the classroom tools that provided in the plan.

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Write a Descriptive Essay about Summer for Students

Your professor is really insupportable! He gave you yet another descriptive essay. And the topic is the most dull thing in the world: describe a season of your choice. How boring must it be to describe something that everyone knows about? However, you can always take a different approach and describe a boring subject in a new and eye-popping way. To do it properly, you can have two techniques that differ from the rest. In this article professional from WeDoessay.com will tell you how to describe summer in a way that will make your reader really enjoy reading your essay.

Five Senses Technique

If we can draw a parallel with cinematography, a movie is an essay. But a 3-D movie with special effects is a descriptive essay written using the five senses technique. Sounds interesting? Take a look below.

Beaches and Pools

Let us describe what our eyes see whenever we think about summer. It is probably very easy once you imagine your perfect holiday. Write about golden-sand beaches, a beautiful sea, palm trees, the exquisite views of sunsets that paint the sky with all the warm colors. You can also write about swimming pools and waterparks and the warmth of the highway. You can also write about the warm summer evenings spent in a campsite telling ghost stories.

Summer Tunes

The audio aspect of your essay should not be neglected. What sounds do you associate with summer? It can be the crashing of the waves against the rocks, or the buzzing of the air-conditioning. However, most importantly, it is the sweet summer tunes that you can hear every day on the beach or on the radio. That music is fun, light and happy, and it most likely associates with the carefree days of summer.

Eating Ice-Cream

All those cold summer treats are now ready to be eaten. Let your imagination run wild, with different kinds of ice-creams to be consumed on the beach, to ice granitas, to ice shakes, to cold coffees and so on. You should also touch upon the delicious summer fruit like watermelons that everyone looks forward to eating during the summer.

Smelling Bonfires

Even though we often disregard smell, as it is one of the least developed senses in humans, compared to dogs, it can, surprisingly, bring out the deepest most intimate memories we have. We still can recall some intricate details of our past life when we smell a perfume that smells familiar in the streets. That is why you should fill your essay with descriptions of the smell of roasted marshmallows during bonfire nights, the smell of your wet bath suit drying on a chair, the smell of grilled fish or seafood, the smell of the hot highway under the wheels of your car.


The light breeze of the wind, the scorching hot sand against the soles of your feet, the freezing cold cubes of ice in your drink – these are all things that appeal to the touch, and you should not neglected when writing about your associations with summer. The more intricate details you find, the more your professor will be pleased with you, so do not take it lightly.

General Themes Technique

If you would like to speak about more down to earth and practical topics, the second technique will be more suitable for you. Talk about general themes that you associate summer with, however add your personal touch and impressions to each, and you will have a great essay. Look at these themes for inspiration. More tips can be found here.

Summer Holidays

All the kids love summer because there is no school and they can spend all day with friends or going for walks or just staying at home under the air conditioner doing whatever they please. The carefree leisurely attitude of those summer days is hard to come by, so you can describe the thoughts of your teenage self about them in vivid detail and get a great essay in the process. You can touch upon 4th of July and how you spend it if it is an important holiday to you.

Summer Active Rest

Some people adore camping and summer for them is primarily a great chance to explore nature and spend some time in the woods or near a lake in the mountains. If you like camping, describe the activities that you like to do there and how amazing it is to spend sometime close to mother nature, looking at all the plants, trees, and maybe even encountering a few animals. Not to mention, getting emotionally closer to the people you are spending those camping days with.

Summer Romance

Maybe for you summer is about getting to meet new people. Usually high schoolers get a part time job during the summer and it is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and a chance to get your summer romance on. Some like to go on holidays and spend some time with new people, get to know someone cute and share an innocent romance with them. Summer is the time for carefree and relaxed communications, and if it is that for you, you can also describe this feeling in your essay and back it up with some stories from your life.

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